Dr. Williamson works with leaders in health care and other serving professions.


  • helps individuals to deepen self-awareness, discern gifts and limitations, and lead with integrity, courage and heart.
  • facilitates groups to build and sustain trustworthy relationships where the tensions of pain and possibility can be held and explored.
  • works with leadership teams and those they serve to create and maintain relationship-centered organizational cultures.

Penny brings to her work belief in and attention to the inner life as the ground for authentic, courageous and affirmative leadership; and a focus on building trustworthy relationships as core to creating and sustaining robust cultures.

Her work with individuals and groups is further informed by an ecological worldview, expertise in the disciplines of Appreciative Inquiry and Skilled Dialogue, and incorporation of powerful creative modalities including poetry, movement, music and art.

More recently, Penny has incorporated into her work practices of "embodied presence" exploring how alignment of mind and body add to individual discernment and collective wisdom.

Above all, Penny brings a belief in the capacity of individuals, groups and organizations to contribute to creating a better world.