Leading Change in Healthcare- Transforming organizations using complexity, positive psychology and relationship-centered care

by Anthony L Suchman, David J Sluyter and Penelope R Williamson, with forewords by Peter Block, Carol Aschenbrener and Ralph Stacey.

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“This book offers a way of thinking about administration that enables it to create humane systems that can also operate effectively in a control – and predictability – mad culture. The change efforts chronicled in this book demonstrate that when you focus on relationships you can produce amazing outcomes.” - Peter Block, in the foreword

“This book represents our best contribution to what we hope will become a growing body of literature fostering the development of compassionate organizations that focus on people, not at the expense of but as means to economic viability. We believe, and the case studies presented here confirm, that you can be relational and profitable at the same time.” - David Sluyter, in the introduction

Essential reading for executives, managers, and team leaders in every kind of health care organization, as well as for policy makers, patient advocates, healthcare regulators, and public health professionals, the book is also an ideal text for undergraduate and graduate courses in healthcare management, communication, and administration, for residency programs tackling teaching requirements in systems-based care, and for the many leadership courses now being created in large healthcare systems.