A retreat for nurses who are seeking to renew and sustain engagement in their profession and to deepen leadership skills for the delivery of compassionate person centered care.

What is Courage to Nurse?
Courage to Nurse is a retreat designed for nurse leaders. It is based on the Courage and Renewal® work of Parker J. Palmer.  Highly skilled facilitators will create a unique retreat-based environment in which participants expand their capacity to listen and be present, improve their ability to build trustworthy relationships, and find the courage to live and work authentically.

Courage to Nurse retreats use the lens of nature’s cycles to examine vocational and life questions. In a safe, quiet, nurturing, and confidential environment, the retreat presents a variety of tools to promote reflection and clarity, including poetry, prose, music, videos, interaction with nature, and movement. There will be periods of silence and meditation, time for journaling and self-reflection, and large and small group conversations.

Courage to Nurse is a pilot project funded by a grant from Associated Medical Services with matched funds from Queen’s University School of Nursing. Participants will be invited to voluntarily participate in two interviews and complete a questionnaire at the start, the end and 18 months after the program ends.

It is hard to imagine ……
a more challenging time for nurses.
Nursing in today’s environments requires advanced skills and our full human capacity in every role.

Courage to Nurse work is framed on the knowledge that personal resources may have a positive impact on emotional demands of nursing work. Courage to Nurse will give you an opportunity to explore questions such as,

  • “How can I maintain a strong connection between who I am and the work I do as a nurse?”
  • “What practices will help me align my soul and the demands of my nursing role?”

Courage to Nurse is a residential (48hour) retreat being held:
Wed. June 25 – Fri. June 27, 2014
Location: Providence Centre
1200 Princess Street Kingston, Ontario
Please contact Deborah Tregunno RN PhD for more information and an application.

to download the complete brochure click here(pdf)